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Individual student, classroom and office supplies are always very much appreciated. Please click here for requested donations for the school year.

CAASPP Testing

Information about both Common Core and California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP or Smarter Balanced Assessments), can be found here.

Practice tests for the online Smarter Balanced Assessments can be found here.


Click HERE for important news and information from our school nurse.


Alameda County has confirmed 5 cases of measles in 2015, and is investigating many other suspect cases. Four of these cases are associated with the Disneyland outbreak.  As of 1/16/15, 41 cases of measles have been confirmed in California, 36 with similar exposure to Disneyland parks, and 5 others confirmed in other states and 1 in Mexico. Outbreaks such as this are a reminder that all children and adults should make sure that they are either immune or have been vaccinated against measles. For assistance in obtaining access to health care and vaccines, please contact your school site nurse. For more information about measles and Alameda County’s Public Health Department response, please visit http://www.acphd.org/measles.aspx


The LVJUSD School Nurses are continually monitoring information from Alameda County Public Health regarding communicable diseases. This year, in addition to seasonal flu, we are also tracking updates and recommendations regarding Enterovirus D-68 and Ebola. For additional information, please visit http://www.acphd.org/

Welcome to Rancho Las Positas

We trust you will find the information and links on this site useful and informative. Please check back often to learn new information about Rancho School. Thank you for visiting.


Parents, 5th grade students will be taking the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) online from February 8-12. It is an anonymous survey focused on youth resilience and health risk behavior. The data collected will be used to help improve health and prevention programs offered to students that can promote academic success, well-being, and positive development of our youth. If you would like to view the content of the survey you can ask the school office to see a copy of the survey or click here: http://www.livermoreschools.com/curriculumdocs  


Students, click here for the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS)


Principal's Message

Dear Rancho Families,

     Every child and adult needs to know and understand mathematics. It’s part of our everyday life. We all “do math.” We count money, measure things, sort from biggest to smallest, know how many miles it is into town and how long it takes to get there. At work, we may use spreadsheets, a calculator or computer, a cash register, or a precision measuring tool. The list goes on and on.

     Children are taught mathematics in school, but research shows that families are an essential part of this learning process. In other words, by doing math with your children and supporting math learning at home, you can make a great difference.

     There are many ways to make math part of your family’s life. As you establish your own traditions for supporting your children’s math learning, consider the following checklist of key ideas.

     Always talk about math in positive ways. Regardless of your own mathematics background, let your children know that learning math is very important. Communicating a positive, can-do attitude about math is the single most important way for you to ensure that your children are successful in mathematics. Always be positive when you talk about math—never tell your children that math is too hard or that you hated it when you were in school. Let them know how critical math is by pointing out how people use math in everyday life. Encourage them to always do their very best in this subject area.

     Know what your children are studying in math. Be aware of the math your children are learning each year and know the standards they’re required to meet. Ask them what they’re studying in math class, regularly check in with them about math homework, and help them with school projects when it’s appropriate. If your children experience difficulties in their math learning, work with them to over­come these trouble spots. Don’t hesitate to talk with your child’s teacher if you need more information or assistance.

     Have high expectations for your children. Research shows that when you believe your children can learn challeng­ing concepts, they will rise to the occasion—so expect a lot from them! Be confident that your children can learn mathematics and then actively support them as they do so. Seek out math-focused programs and activities for them. As they get older, encourage them to take as many advanced mathematics courses in high school as possible.

     Encourage your children to use technology in math. Help your children use calculators, computers, and the Internet to do math at home. Mathematics and technology are great partners. Tasks such as long and complex calculations, charts, tables, graphs, and spreadsheets show the power of using mathematics and technology together. Doing tasks that involve math and technology helps prepare your children for the future.

     Make math an everyday part of your family. Spend time with your children on simple board games, puzzles, and activities that involve math. Involve your children in activities like shopping, cooking, and home fix-it projects to show them that math is practical and useful. Encourage your children to solve problems that involve math. Engage your children in conversations about what they’re thinking about when they solve math problems. Find opportunities to explore math together.

     Notice mathematics in the world. You can help your children see the usefulness of mathematics by pointing it out wherever you see it—not just in your home, but everywhere. Tell your children about the math you do in your job and why it’s important. When you’re outside your home, look hard for ways to point out math: What shape does that tree look like? How many more miles before we get there? How does mathematics figure in sports, music, car building, or the design of a Ferris wheel? If you start looking for math in the world, you’ll find more and more of it—and so will your children.


Steve Martin



Student Registration

Click HERE to register students in the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District.


Click HERE for information regarding transfers and open enrollment in LVJUSD.


Today: 2/7/16


Kindergarten 2016-17

What to Expect in Kindergarten is an informative presentation about helping your student succeed in Kindergarten.

Attendance Line

Please call the attendance line to report your child's absence at 925 606-4748 opt 2 by 8:30 AM.


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Volunteer at Rancho

Thank you for volunteering your time and joining with us to ensure a safe environment for our students. Rancho welcomes the involvement of families and community members in our school. Please click here to begin the application process.

Lost & Found

Don't forget to put your child's name on their belongings and to check the Lost & Found often! Everything will be donated to charity monthly.

Rancho - A Cool School

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