Rancho Las Positas Elementary School

Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness has become a main focus throughout our campus starting with our quarter-mile GPS-measured track that supports our Rancho Running Club to our Project Fit America fitness equipment that challenges our students through fitness stations during the school day.  Working together we can help Rancho Las Positas Elementary School a shining star for children's health and wellness.

Rancho Running Club

Parent volunteers help with recording laps for students on our quarter-mile track before school (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:00-8:25 AM) so students can earn rewards and recognition. Rancho Running Club has these guidelines for running during inclement weather:

  1. Students will not be running on rainy days.
  2. If it rains hard the day and/or night before, the field will not have time to dry so running will not take place.
  3. Students will not run when there has been a hard frost because the ground/grass is slick and slippery.
  4. Running will be called off if there is lightning or a threat of lightning for the safety of our students.

Otherwise we will run in all other conditions; however, we may move to our alternate blacktop course.

Credit can be earned for running on non school days such as winter break and/or weekends. The running club will honor miles for parent monitored running. Baseball, soccer, basketball, etc... don't count. In order to avoid injury, we will not accept more than 2 miles of running on any non school day. For example, on a normal 2 day weekend 4 miles is the maximum your child can earn.

Rancho Running Club shirts are available for purchase at the Rancho Webstore.

The Rancho Running Club is the running component to our Project Fit America Program started in November 2006 when parent volunteers Dave Hinds and Bret Dupuis used precise GPS measurements to mark and mow a quarter-mile grass track on our field. There are regularly over 100 kids running during the times staffed by the parent volunteers. The teachers utilize the track for their class PE programs as well and students average around 1,000 miles per week. On May 5, 2007 Rancho students completed an around the world journey of over 24,982 miles in 182 days.

If you'd like to donate to the Rancho Running Club send us an email.

Project Fit America

As a grant recipient from Kraft, Rancho received the Project Fit America program as a donation to the school in September, 2006. This grant includes state-of-the-art fitness equipment, curriculum materials and teacher training. We invite you and your family to use the Project Fit equipment after school hours and on weekends. The students are trained by their teachers on the proper use of the equipment. Here are the safety guidelines:

  1. Students should use closed-toed shoes with shoelaces tied at all times.
  2. No clothing should be tied around waists or necks.
  3. Sharp objects should be out of all pockets.
  4. Students should be at least 6 feet back from any station that is being used by other students. 
  5. Students should not stand, sit, or hang by the knees on equipment. (Exception: Steps...resting during a parallel bar rep.) 
  6. When using the horizontal bars or horizontal ladder, two hands need to make contact with the bars using a thumbs-under grip. 
  7. When using the pole climb, students should not slide down the pole. They should never hang from or attempt to climb across the top bar. A hand-under-hand descent should be used. 
  8. Students should not run through the PFA equipment area. 
  9. Equipment should not be used if moisture is present. 
  10. Students are not allowed to “spot” other students. (Exception: Sit Up station) 
  11. Students may not use the pole climb or parallel bars without adult supervision.



School In The Spotlight

Rancho Las Positas Elementary

School of the Year


On Wednesday, September 16, the Governor’s Fitness Challenge named Rancho Las Positas Elementary School, California’s Elementary School of the Year. Rancho was represented in Sacramento by its entire fourth and fifth grade student body, teachers, office staff, principal and running club coordinators. Rancho school accepted the honor but chose not to accept the award of $100,000 in fitness equipment. Instead Rancho opted to give it away to another deserving school community less fortunate than its own. Rancho School is proud to honor its students and staff for their hard work but equally as proud to acknowledge the giving and caring spirit that makes up the school community.


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