Rancho Las Positas Elementary School


FAME, Fine Arts Mini Experience, is an art and music appreciation program run by parent volunteers. We need volunteers to help with organizing the materials, creating art projects, speaking at assemblies (6 per year), dress-up for the kids, teach the lessons, line-up musicians and much more. You don’t have to be a musician or artist to help with FAME. Any and all help is warmly welcomed!

FAME Lessons
FAME’s sometimes-quirky lessons resplendent with kid-attractive gimmicks and search-the-attic type costumes promote artistic literacy. Each FAME lesson has two parts. Part one is history-based and emphasizes an artistic element of a painting and a musical composition, respectively, as well introducing biographies of the featured artist and composer. Part two is the hands-on experience; a variety of follow-up lessons provide various artistic media and performance activities, as well as optional language arts and science activities.

FAME Objectives
Artistic Perception: Learning about artistic elements through the senses to develop a deeper awareness of light, color, sound, movement, and composition to heighten ordinary perception. (FAME's interactive theory and follow-up lessons rev up appreciation.)

Creative Expression: Producing art by creating or performing the creations of others. (Even art phobic teachers find follow-up lessons in ALL disciplines comfortable.)

Historical and Cultural Context: Understanding the arts in the context of the time place of their creation. (FAME's pictorial timeline makes it easy!)

Aesthetic Valuing: Analyzing developing criteria for making informed judgments to promote lifelong, fulfilling experience in the arts. (FAME's study of simple but fundamental elements of art and music gives students a way to understand the arts.)