Rancho Las Positas Elementary School

Recommended Games

Puzzle Games (Challenging):

Snail Bob 2 - Use various tools to guide Bob

Tangrams - Build the 2D shape using smaller shapes

Rotate and Roll - Use the arrow keys to rotate the world

Audiotorium - Play with music

Grain Strain - Use mechanical objects to filter grains

Sugar, Sugar - Draw lines to filter sugar into mugs, runs slow in lab

Interlocked - Push, pull, and rotate 3D objects to unlock them


Strategy/Time Management:

3D World Farmer - Buy items to help your community thrive

Penguin Diner 2 - Run your own restaurant, fast paced



Arithmetic Game - Complete the equation

Making Change - Click the correct amount of change

Mathman - A Pacman revision that involves math

Speedboat - A fast positive/negative numbers game

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Half - Find combinations that make up a half


Spelling and Vocabulary:

Adjective Synonyms - Match each vocab word with its synonym

Word Scramble - Unscramble letters to find vocabulary words